Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton Thinks You're an Idiot

It's been entertaining to watch Hillary Clinton transform herself into a cartoonish parody of an actual politician. At this rate, she'll be dressing up in black face, donning a pair of overalls, and chugging a keg through a beer bong in order to convince every kind of voter that she's something other than a disingenuous sack of shit. Her crusade for a gas tax "holiday" this summer is the latest bit of absurdity. Along with John McCain, she's trying to convince people that saving them about $30 in travel expenses and draining the federal budget is a decent way to stick it to the man and ease the burden on America's middle class. Obama refuses to give in to this idiot pandering, so Clinton's lobbed the "elitist" missile at him. The best part, though, is that according to this new poll, most of America can see right through Clinton's nonsense. So why is anyone still planning on voting for her? More details here.

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