Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seal on Penguin

Is this post just an excuse to run a picture of a seal trying to have sex with a penguin? Of course not. I don't need an excuse. But you're probably asking yourself why such an act of beastial beastiality would occur in nature. Luckily, the voyeuristic scientists who took 45 minutes of erotic video on the sub-Antarctic Marion Island have a few hypotheses. It may be the last ditch attempt of a sexually frustrated adolescent penguin. It could be some kind of kinky domination act. Or (my personal favorite) it could have been a playful romp that suddenly took a sexy turn. Lord knows I had a few of those the night I rented an inflatable ball pit for Cinco de Mayo. All of these speculations may be scientifically valid, but not one of them accounts for the raw sexuality that emanates from anyone wearing a tux. More details here.

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