Friday, December 12, 2008

The Dream Machine

While it may sound like a cool idea to be able to replay your dreams on a monitor, just try and remember the most hideous person/thing you've ever had sexual relations with in the dream world, and consider whether you'd want to relive that again. Regardless, Japanese scientists are making baby steps toward what they hope will be technology to allow the visual imaging of dreams. To that end, they've been able to scan the brains of people in a REM sleep state and pinpoint which signals are being caused by a dream. The data is really just an abstract image right now, but it could possibly be interpreted visually in the future. Previously, test subjects were shown the letters of the word "neuron", and the corresponding brain signals were successfully interpreted to spell the word on a screen. In the same way, the signals coming from your dreaming brain could be translated into an action-packed nightly sitcom where you play a private eye who shoots people with banana peels and somehow Ringo Starr is there. But it all seems normal to you. And you're naked. More details here.

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