Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Google Ghost Hoax

Earlier this week, people with few critical thinking skills were all aflutter over what they were sure was an image of a Victorian ghost captured on Google's Street View camera. While it's admittedly strange to see a person dressed in froofy 19th century garb walking around the streets of Cardiff (unless, of course, they're a Doctor Who extra), it seems like "ghost" should be well down the list of possible explanations. Especially since costume shops are far more prevalent than, say, hard evidence that ghosts actually exist at all. But apparently all the idiocy was enough to tip Google's hand, as they revealed that the figure was part of a series of little jokes they've sprinkled throughout their British Street View images. In Cardiff, they had a woman dress as Mary Poppins and cross the road, but they've also photographed Paddington Bear in London and Sherlock Holmes in Oxford. Before you get too excited, those characters aren't real either. More details here.

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