Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Hampshire House Votes for Gay Marriage

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has passed a bill which would allow same sex couples to marry one another, blame their partners for the death of their dreams, and live a depressed life based only on the occasional affectionate look and a psychotic devotion to solitary hobbies. In other words, holy matrimony. Now this bill goes on to the state senate, where its fate is uncertain. New Hampshire's governor officially opposes gay marriage, but he also won't commit to vetoing the bill if it passes the state legislature. Opponents, of course, have no real leg to stand on. Like always, they're slobbering about "cheapening" the "sacred" institution of marriage. Just like, I'm assuming, gay people have "cheapened" the dilapidated communities they've moved into and revitalized throughout the United States. Oh wait... More details here.

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