Friday, March 20, 2009

Idaholy Shit, This is Stupid

So, the Idaho state House has passed a bill that would allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control or other medications they find objectionable for moral, ethical, or religious reasons. Or, to be more specific and reality-based about this, the bill would allow pharmacists to try and punish women they think are slutty because Jesus told them to. The state already offers legal protection to doctors and hospitals who think contraception is icky, which is sort of mindblowing in and of itself. You'd think pharmacists would have been given that freedom before doctors. Still, this is obviously an absurd bill. And while I'm all for business rights, this could easily lead to a situation where a small town pharmacy with a monopoly on drug distribution could seriously affect the well-being of the people who choose to live there. Perhaps it would be a good idea for women who live in Idaho to keep a public list of every pharmacist who chooses not to sell them contraception. If I owned a vagina, I'd want to know if my money was going to a douchebag or not. And I'd also spend a lot of time masturbating in front of a mirror, but that's obvious. More details here.

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