Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Against Legalizing Marijuana Just Cuz

President Obama took part in a webcast town hall meeting today, where he fielded questions submitted and voted upon by average citizens who still have jobs paying them enough to afford Internet access. Predictably, most of the questions were of the "how can you be so great" variety, but kudos to Obama for going out of his way to answer a question of actual substance: Wouldn't legalizing marijuana cut down on expensive federal litigation and add a new industry to our struggling economy? While most administrations would probably just brush the question off, Obama interrupted his emcee to make sure he addressed it. Unfortunately, his answer was ridiculously weak. In short, he just said no. I understand you're short on time, Mr. President, but would you mind explaining such a ludicrous policy decision with something like reasoning and fact? It's probably too much to hope for the president to come out in support of marijuana legalization, but I'd at least like to see some effort put into bullshitting our way through more violent, economically devastating prohibition. More details here.

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