Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plan B Now a Viable Plan

A federal judge has ordered the FDA to make the Plan B morning-after pill available without a prescription to women as young as seventeen. In his ruling, the judge went on to say that the FDA improperly bowed to political pressure from the Bush administration, which not only lobbied for restricting the sale of the pill to anyone under eighteen, but also to keep the pill behind the pharmacist's counter, where kids can't see it and get sexy thoughts. Plan B (which is actually two pills, but whatever) must be taken within seventy-two hours of conception, so it's hard even for crazy pro-lifers to argue that the resulting flush of microscopic cells is anything like an abortion. Also, the side effects are minimal. So why were so many people opposed to selling the drug to teens? Because these assholes see pregnancy as punishment for being a slut. Which seems pretty callous and absurd until you realize that most of them also have shriveled, pox-ridden genitals that render all sexual activity a painful exercise in God-ordained procreation. More details here.

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