Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Transvestite Lizards

A group of South African and Australian researchers have discovered that many male Augrabies lizards pretend to be females until they've bulked up enough to defend themselves from rival males. These transvestites can delay the color changes that would otherwise signal their growth into mature gentlemen, keeping them feeling safe and pretty until they're ready to come out as men. In addition to protection, the cross-coloring also allows these males to get closer to females with whom they intend to make, which is exactly why I joined by high school kick line. (Also, I had fabulous legs.) It's not all gravy, though, as a stray lick from a male's tongue will blow the transvestite's cover, which could be disastrous. You never want to tell a hormone-riddled, sexually insecure man that the lady he just licked is really a dude. More details here.

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