Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spineless Hedgehog Won't be Cured by Woo

Spud the spineless hedgehog is currently residing in a British animal care facility called Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, because everything in Britain must have an obnoxiously adorable name. It's the law. Spud is somewhat of a mystery, because no one knows what exactly is causing his skin to dry out and shed all its spines. He can't be released into the wild, since he'd be defenseless from both physical attacks and the cruel ridicule of his peers. Unfortunately, however, Tiggywinkles employees have apparently given up on using science and medicine to find out the cause of Spud's problems and are instead calling upon the help of alternative medicine practitioners. For those just joining us, "alternative" medicine is sort of like "amateur" science, meaning that more often than not, it isn't medicine at all. spud deserves better, though I am curious to see if any acupuncturists step in to help without a trace of irony. More details here.

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