Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bachmann’s Greatest Hits

Sure, it’s probably a net disadvantage to the country that our House of Representatives is full of emotionally stunted psychotics, but politics just wouldn’t be as interesting without them. And by “interesting”, of course, I mean “heart-crushingly sad”. Case in point: Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann (R-Crazytown), who is either a cutting edge satirical performance artist or batshit insane. Either way, I fail to see how she’s anything approaching electable. But she’s undeniably entertaining. To that end, The Daily Beast pulled together a list of her most straightjacket deserving public moments. Some of the highlights? Her personal communications with God, her near-miss encounter with murderous lesbians, her pimping of her adolescent daughters, and her hiding in the bushes during a gay right rally. Among many, many other things. Read all about her here.

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