Friday, May 1, 2009

Religious People Love Them Some Torture

A new Pew survey shows that those Americans who attend church once a week are more likely than non-religious people to support the torture of terror suspects. 54% of them said that torture is “sometimes” or “often” justified. White evangelical protestants were the worst, with over 60% loving them some inhuman horrors. People claiming no religious affiliation seem to be the most levelheaded, as only 40% of them supported torture. Wait, 40%? What the hell is the matter with people? Do that many of us really think that 24 and every ‘80s action movie is how the real world works? Just to be clear: it doesn’t matter whether actionable intelligence is gathered by physically robbing other human beings of their basic humanity. If we really wanted to kill Osama bin Laden, we’d carpet bomb all of Afghanistan and Pakistan. But we don’t do that because we still have something like a conscience. Well, 60% of us do. And by “us”, I mean people with critical thinking skills. More details here.

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