Friday, May 8, 2009

Holocaust Deniers Want to Friend You

Anyone who's used Facebook knows it's a confusing place full of horrible human specimens constantly trying to "poke" one another and show off spring break bikini pictures. This isn't such a bad thing, really. Just annoying. What is bad, though, is the fact that many of these people have started Facebook groups and pages devoted to their common interest in denying the reality of the Holocaust. These people are dumb and not worth your or anyone else's attention. But many other Facebook users are so angry with them that they're lobbying Facebook to delete these pages. I'm all for freedom of speech, but Facebook is a private company, and they have every right to delete whatever they want from their servers. As an American, I can snap a photo of my dong and email it to a friend, but I can't insist that Facebook let me distribute it via their bandwidth. And while the Facebook brass are hemming and hawing over what kind of censorship is too much censorship, those who want the Holocaust denial groups shut down interestingly point out that the site has previously deleted groups devoted to the KKK and other "abusive" or "hateful" topics. Since Holocaust denial isn't based on anything like historical evidence, its foundation really is a wiggly pile of antisemitic bullshit. Oh, the decisions! Sure, Holocaust deniers are scum, but do they click ads? While the Facebook powers are researching this issue, I'll exploit the distraction by uploading a picture of my dong. More details here.

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