Tuesday, May 12, 2009

J-Lo: The Voice of Reason

I think I finally understand what Ben Affleck saw in Jennifer Lopez. Beyond that sweet, sweet ass, of course. I mean, she's a talented actress, but for every Out of Sight, there are three Maid in Manhattans (Maids in Manhattan?). But Jenny from the block must have a decent head on her succulent shoulders, because she's helped create a series of PSAs for the March of Dimes encouraging parents to vaccinate against the pertussis, or whooping cough, virus. It's encouraging to see someone of fame and beauty (aside from the lovely Amanda Peet) using her celebrity to further good, evidence-based medicine for a change. Perhaps this will not only encourage parents to trust the tried and true vaccination methods that have improved quality of life the world over, but also encourage other celebrities with critical thinking skills to come out of the closet. And while I don't know exactly where on the body the pertussis vaccine is delivered, I'm hopeful that future PSAs will feature Jenny showing us the injection bandage on her bountiful bottom. More details here.

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