Thursday, May 28, 2009

Faith Healing = Murder

Leilani Neumann is an idiot and a nutcase. And according to the Wisconsin court system, she’s also a murderer. When Neumann’s daughter came down with diabetes, she didn’t take her to a doctor for treatment. Instead, she prayed for her daughter to be miraculously cured. But either God wasn’t listening or he’s a giant douche, because Neumann’s daughter is now dead. And for neglecting to seek secular (i.e. real) medical attention, Neumann has now been convicted of second degree reckless homicide. Her husband is set to be tried on the same charges. Obviously, Neumann sees this as a violation of her religious freedom, but I think that argument’s a little flimsy. For one thing, she murdered her own daughter. And for another, no one told her she couldn’t pray at the same time her daughter was receiving real treatment. If anything, that would have been a win-win scenario for Neumann, who, like so many other superstitious people in this world, could have chalked up the medical expertise of her daughter’s doctors and the steady advancement in scientific medical research to an all-powerful genie God who grants wishes. A little disingenuous maybe, but I would have been okay with that considering this young girl wouldn’t be, you know, murdered. More details here.

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