Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intelligent Women = Sexy Women

Sure, that headline's a little misleading. We're talking emotional intelligence here, not how high you scored on your SAT. Still, researchers at King's College London have discovered that women with a high EI score have more orgasms than those at the bottom of the scale. And what is EI? Well, it sounds a bit bullshitty, but I'm no psychologist. Apparently, it's a measure of how well a person to manage her own emotions and deal with the emotions of others. The scientists who did this study looked at sets of identical twins. Each twin answered a questionnaire to determine sexual history and EI. Turns out, those women in the bottom 25% of EI ratings were twice as likely to suffer from female orgasmic disorder. And here I was thinking I was just an expert cocksman. Turns out I just like stable women! More details here.

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