Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cancer Kid Update Update

Well, it was good news. A Minnesota judge courageously and rightly ordered that 13-year-old Daniel Hauser’s cruel and ignorant parents had to provide their cancer-stricken son with life-saving chemotherapy and radiation treatment even though their ridiculous religion doesn’t believe in actual medicine. Sadly, when Daniel was subsequently x-rayed for the first time in months, doctors found that his tumor had grown to the size it was before his parents stopped treatment months before. And even more sadly, Daniel’s mother has now kidnapped him and gone on the lam to avoid any more treatments that could save her son’s life. I would say you have to admire this family’s conviction, but you really don’t. You should despise it, in fact. Here’s hoping this woman is caught, her son’s life is saved, and something can be done to reverse the superstitious and deadly brainwashing this poor kid has suffered all his life. More details here.

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