Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CNN: The Most Trusted Name in Inaccuracy

My tolerance for CNN waned about the same time that they hired Glenn Beck and increased the size of Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room video wall to cover most of downtown Atlanta. (Seriously, shouldn't they really upgrade that show to Incident Room at least? The thing's on 63 hours a day.) And today's top headline on CNN.com is probably the final nail in the coffin for the once great, Darth Vader-voiced news outlet. "Vaccine-autism link divides parents, scientists." First of all, there is no vaccine-autism link. Secondly, while the hysteria over nonsensical autism theories may divide evidence-based parents from their more gullible peers, there is no divide among scientists. Every major health organization has emphatically denied any link between childhood vaccines and autism. Even after the mercury-based preservative used in MMR vaccines was removed from the drug supply, autism diagnosis rates continued to rise. Plus, diagnosis rates don't equate to new cases. Further, CNN.com is run by sensationalist morons who would rather milk a non-story than concern themselves with the public health of our country's children. Not to engage in ad hominem attacks here, but these people are a bunch of poopy pantses. More nonsense here.

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