Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey Teacher, Leave That Kid Alone

A Wisconsin high school student is suing his school for giving his Christian-themed art project a zero only because it was religious in nature. Julie Millin, the student's art teacher, assigned the class to create landscapes, and the plaintiff in this case chose to plant a cross in the middle of his black and white insult to the vanishing point. It's a true piece of shit, but that's not the issue here. Millin told the student he was in violation of the class's policy against any art depicting violence, blood, sexual connotations, or religious beliefs. Then the kid got two detentions for tearing up a copy of that agreement in front of the teacher. Good for him. Your Constitutional rights aren't checked at the doors of your school, and he should be allowed to draw whatever kind of crap meets the terms of the assignment. That's what high school art class is all about (despite what your school's lit mag would have you believe). The school is wrong in claiming that the drawing somehow infringes on other students' rights. If they can't look at a cross, they're most likely vampires anyway. The only church/state problems arise when the schools start actively promoting religion themselves. The lawsuit alleges as much. According to the kid's attorneys, the school displays images of Hindu gods, cloaked sorcerers, Medusa, and the grim reaper. What's the problem with adding a poorly rendered Jesus to the list of allowed fictional characters? And does anyone else wonder if Ray Harryhausen is decorating this school? More details here.

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