Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nature's Terrifying Truths: Gonorrhea is the Strongest Being Alive

In the latest installment of our ongoing series about how nature strives to deprive you of an un-horrified rest, word comes down that scientists at Columbia University (the good one, that is -- not that fraud school in Illinois) have discovered that the sexually transmitted gonorrhea bacterium can pull 10,000 times its own body weight, making it proportionally the strongest organism on the planet. Mother of God. The freakish creature can combine its pili filaments into a solid mass of brute strength in order to propel themselves toward and latch onto target cells. Soon, some bookish high school student could be infected with radioactive gonorrhea, making him strong and virulent enough to topple even the mighty Hulk. Let's just hope he allies himself with the forces of good. More details here.

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