Monday, February 16, 2009

Bird, Plane, or UFO?

Most UFO photos are just a blurry mess of nothing, and they really aren’t worth writing about. This one’s a blurry mess of...something. Which I guess makes it worth writing about. An unidentified amateur photographer in Kansas says he took this photo of a craft that made a quiet whirring sound, swooped down as if on a bombing run, and climbed back into the sky in one smooth motion. He sent the photo to UFO Digest, whose editor believes it may be some type of experimental military aircraft. A representative of Boeing says he can’t identify the object, and the Air Force has declined to comment. It could really be any number of things. To me, it looks like an odd angle on some kind of standard airplane, but some have said it could actually be two planes superimposed into one black blur or even a bird. It’s also possible that this is some kind of secret military craft, but that’s probably unlikely considering there’s no need to develop new military technology in the thousand years of peace we’ll enjoy under the rule of Barack Obama. (I hope so, at least.) What do you see? Personally, I think it’s Mel Gibson’s sanity, which was last seen flying somewhere over the Pacific northwest. More details here.

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