Monday, February 23, 2009

Frozen Idol

Because I enjoy music and appreciate the ability of humans to perform and create it, I don’t watch American Idol. But because I own a television and have eyes, I know who Simon Cowell is. You probably do, too, and you probably also have an opinion of him. So, I’m sure it will either come as very good or potentially terrifying news that Cowell reportedly wants to be frozen via cryonics after his death so that he may live again. Of course, this information comes from an anonymous source who supposedly overheard it at a dinner party, so I’d take it with a rock or two of salt. Still, it’s always interesting to chat about the scientific plausibility of cryonics. While there are a few companies that will gladly fill your corpse’s veins with preservatives and lock you up in deep freeze pending some future medical breakthrough, there’s little evidence that a body could fully recover from the freezing and thawing process. Even if it could somehow be reanimated, cell damage may prevent the brain from preserving anything resembling a personality. Still, I think freezing Simon Cowell would be a worthwhile endeavor if only so future generations could marvel at the low standards of fashion and hair styling we required of our 21st century celebrities. More details here.

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