Friday, February 6, 2009

Psychic Leeches

CNN.com has a predictably fluffy profile on self-proclaimed (aren't they all?) psychic and apparent plastic surgery victim Roxanne Usleman (pictured), who says her business has been booming due to the global economic apocalypse. At $135 a pop, she sees five or six clients a day who come to her seeking financial advice from her team of on-call "angels". One happy client quoted in the story brings up the fact that he was pleased Usleman wasn't the kind of hokey crystal ball-gazing, palm-reading hack he expected. But this isn't much of an endorsement considering he probably never would have gone to such a person in the first place and people like that only set up shop in carnivals and red light districts these days. But whether Usleman is gazing into a stack of tarot cards or a tasteful Tiffany bracelet, it doesn't matter if her predictions don't amount to anything. And despite the fluffiness of this profile, there's not a single mention of Usleman's predictions coming true. In fact, there's a pointed quote from non-psychic financial adviser Ryan Mack, who says, "Regardless of what the stars say, regardless of what the map says in terms of--if Pluto is lined up with Mars...You have the ability within yourself to save, to plan and to be diligent." And blowing what little cash you have left on psychic readings is doing none of those three things. Read the whole piece here.

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