Friday, February 20, 2009

Human Rights, Schmuman Rights

If being a great diplomat requires a backbone made of pudding, Hilary Clinton may turn out to be the greatest Secretary of State ever. Asked why she won’t be pressing the Chinese government on their rampant disregard for the basic rights of human beings, she shrugged off the issue. “We pretty much know what they’re gonna say,” she sighed, I’m assuming while making a jacking off motion with her fist. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new foreign policy: The “Eh, Whatever” Doctrine. Sure, we’d like it if Iran didn’t pursue the creation of nuclear weapons, but we all know they’re just going to say they want them. Eh, whatever. Clinton says she’d rather focus on where we might find common ground with the Chinese, namely on issues of the global economic apocalypse and climate change. I’d ask Secretary Clinton how she would explain this policy to China’s religious, journalistic, and social dissidents rotting in secret prisons and labor camps, but I already know what she’s going to say. Eh, whatever. More details here.

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