Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stephen King: Assassin?

A man from California identifying himself as Steve Lightfoot recently used the public comments forum at a city commission meeting in Sarasota, Florida to drop the bombshell that horror writer Stephen King assassinated John Lennon. As proof, Lightfoot offered up his van, which “says it all over the place”. The commission had Lightfoot escorted away, claiming that the public forum is only for issues related to city business. But since King is a part-time resident of the area, I can’t think of any topic that’s more city businessier. Lightfoot went on to say that “Stephen King is the worst criminal the state of Florida has ever harbored”, but I think that’s a bit harsh. Dreamcatcher wasn’t that bad. (Well, maybe.) It’s tempting to assume that the Sarasota city commission is simply in on the cover-up here, but I suggest we all try to keep a level head about this. After all, everyone knows John Lennon was eaten by a Langolier. More details (including video) here.

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