Friday, February 13, 2009

This Drink Tastes Like Piss

India's largest Hindu nationalist group, the RSS, is developing a new beverage made mostly from cow urine that they hope will take their country by storm. They see the popularity of non-Indian soft drinks like Coca-Cola as a corrupting force in Indian culture, so they want to bring people back to the kind of hard-line Hindu cow reverence that would inspire people to consume bovine waste as a cleansing agent. The RSS assures the public that the drink, called "gau jal" ("cow water"), won't taste like piss, but I think they're missing the point. While the main ingredient is indeed cow urine, there will also be some medicinal and ayurvedic herbs thrown in. This would just be harmless, disgusting fun except for the fact that the RSS promotes cow urine as a cure for all sorts of illnesses including liver disease and even cancer. I swear to cow, if one cancer patient dies from drinking cow water instead of getting chemo, I'm gonna... Well, I probably won't do anything because the RSS has guns. But I'll be upset, let me tell you. More details here.

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