Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coleman and God: BFFs

Soon-to-be (maybe) former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman appeared on the conservative Mike Gallagher radio show last week to keep his name in the news during his epic legal battle to keep Al Franken from taking his congressional seat. In addition to waxing hypothetical about all the incredibly conservative and Mike Gallagher-esque things he would be doing right now if he was in Washington, Coleman told Mike Gallagher, "God wants me to serve." This puts Coleman in the same camp as George W. Bush, Pat Robertson, and every other idiot who claims to be on God's friends list. In all fairness, Coleman went on to say that he's not the only person who could serve in his former position, but he didn't specify if any of those other people include Al Franken. He also failed to go into how God's will could possibly be thwarted by the elections commission of the great state of Minnesota. If I were Mike Gallagher, I'd have followed up on that. More details here.

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