Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All Your Oceans are Belong to Jellyfish

Jellyfish aren't just dominating your sensitive areas when you're swimming at the beach in loose-fitting trunks. They're taking over the whole ocean! That's according to researchers with CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research, who say that overfishing and other human-caused bullshit are causing the world's jellyfish population to explode. "We need to take management action to avert the marine systems of the world flipping over to being jellyfish dominated," said Dr. Anthony Richardson. In Japan, fishermen are even having their nets destroyed by giant jellyfish. Though knowing the Japanese, they'll probably just send some kind of giant robot after the problem. Other countries, however, won't be so lucky. Stemming the problem is tricky, as the primary weapon against the jellyfish is to stop overfishing. This isn't economically feasible for many areas, but Richardson suggests other options as well. Keeping a closer eye on unwitting transport of jellyfish among different parts of the world is one method. And another involves using sound waves to blow the jellyfish up. One of these options is significantly more awesome than the other. Do you know which one? More details here.