Friday, June 26, 2009

Elephant Pig

In the small town of Thalang in Phuket (calm down), Thailand, grocery store owner Banjert Khamwiset keeps an infant pig in a jar of formaldehyde atop a makeshift shrine in his house. Seems normal enough until you consider the fact that the pig has a long, trunk-like protrusion sticking out of its head, making it bear an uncanny resemblance to the Hindu god Ganesha, the elephantine son of Shiva, which is worshiped by many Thai Buddhists. Sure, reason and science might tell you the albino piglet, which died shortly after birth, is just a genetic freak, but pilgrims to Khamwiset's home swear they've won the lottery using his house number, 14/41. Now, Khamwiset is being offered mountains of cash for the godly relic/disgusting dead mutant pig. But he's not selling. The little genetic nightmare living in his house will bring him good luck and personal charm, he says. And if he starts selling tickets at the door, lots and lots of cash. More details here.