Thursday, June 18, 2009

Unfrozen Caveman Microbes

A team of scientists from Pennsylvania State University have successfully revived a microbe from a 120,000-year hibernation. The tiny purple Herminiimonas glaciei bug was found in Greenland beneath two miles of ice, or, as Greenlanders call it, asphalt. Over a period of several months, the team slowly warmed the microbe in an incubation chamber, where it eventually sprung back to life and began replicating itself. Just like Jesus! This success story gives hope to those mad scientists who wish to revive dormant organisms we may one day find in the ices of Mars, which they could then use to blackmail the world’s governments with threats of unleashing a deadly alien plague. But other, non-mad scientists and science enthusiasts just think reviving Martian life forms would be pretty cool. Especially if they all moved on little tripods. Simply adorable. More details here.