Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's-a Good to be a Sorcerer!

According to watchdog group Telefono Antiplagio, nearly 18% of Italians trust the advice of sorcerers. I didn't think sorcery was even a valid occupation since the end of the War of the Ring, but there you go. To be fair, the definition of "sorcerer" in this case includes your meat-and-potatoes atrologers and soothsayers in addition to people with beards and pointy hats and comprehensive knowledge of ancient elven languages. But really, that just makes this statistic even more depressing. So what are eleven million Italians paying sorcerers to help them with? Surprisingly, magic broom-related housework is nowhere on the list. 46% seek the advice of charlatans to mend their broken hearts. 25% want to know about health problems, 22% of consultations have to do with violence (not clear if this means paying to attack people with lightning spells, which would be amazing), and 7% are having trouble at work. I'd make fun, but it's not like medicine, therapy, or martial arts training can help any of these things, so who am I to judge? More details here.