Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magic Turf

Officials in charge of Swaziland's largest football field (I'm obviously talking about non-American football here, as I call American football "paddy passing") are pissed off. Their beautiful $600,000 turf is being ruined -- ruined, I tell you! -- by superstitious players burying magical items called "muti" in the field to give them good luck. The areas around the goals and center circles are the worst affected. They're covered in divets, holes, bumps, and burn marks from ritualistically buried amulets. But instead of knocking these players in the head and telling them to grow up and stop believing in ridiculous bullshit, the administrators of the field are considering banning one particular team from playing there, as that team's games are often accompanied by "strange" events. Jesus Christ. They also claim guarding the field from vandalism is out of the question, since most of the burials occur at night. When, I suppose, it's impossible to guard anything? Hm. More details here.