Thursday, June 18, 2009

Corpse Bride

Five men have been arrested in China for digging up a dead teenage girl’s body so she could be married to one of the men’s dead son. Ancient Chinese superstition (no, not the one about cleaning your clothes) says that swinging singles can’t be happy in the afterlife, so they must be betrothed to other single dead people even after they’re rotting in the ground. It’s sort of like eHarmony, but slightly less scientific. Assuming there’s anything less scientific than unscientific. Anyway, one of the men had a son who died in a car crash, so he hired the four others to exhume the body of a teenager who poisoned herself after failing her college entrance exams. Traditionally, the two corpses are bound in unholy matrimony and tossed into the same grave. But while this all seems like wacky, harmless cadaver fun, you should know that people occasionally murder young girls to feed the steady demand for female corpse brides. So there’s that. More details here.