Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Starving the Spirit

As anyone who’s browsed Tim Farley’s indispensible WhatstheHarm.net can tell you, crazy superstition and belief in utter nonsense isn’t always fun and games. As amusing as it can be to make fun of Mormons believing the Garden of Eden both existed and was located in the American Midwest (and it is quite amusing), not all ridiculous religious notions are as innocuous. The belief in demonic possession seems to be one of the most harmful, and it’s especially upsetting that so many victims are children. If you’ve ever been a child or have associated with them as an adult, you know that they’re weird, annoying little creatures that can bemuse and infuriate at the drop of a hat. Which is why it’s important for people who have children to not be too quick in blaming any erratic behavior on demons. Sadly, that’s just what a British couple did when their seven-year-old daughter Khyra began acting strangely. And to rid the girl of the demon they believed to be inside her, they slowly starved her to death over a period of several weeks. If that seems logical to you, I’d ask that you immediately hang yourself. But please, make sure you’ve arranged for your children to be taken care of by non-crazy people first. You know those neighbors who’ve never once mentioned the devil to you? Try them first. More details here.