Monday, June 22, 2009

Spunky Crustaceans

Modern male ostracods, tiny muscle-like crustaceans, produce gigantic sperm up to ten times their body length. This has been a well-known fact among animal pornography enthusiasts for years now. But we didn't know just how long ago the species evolved their impressive spunk production ability. Turns out, they've been juicing it hardcore for quite some time. A hundred million years, to be precise. Scientists used a new imaging technique called holotomography to peer inside the fossilized shells of ancient ostracods and examine their squisky insides. Holotomography uses light from accelerated particle beams to image the soft tissue. The fossils showed a remarkable similarity between ancient ostracod sex organs and those of their modern descendants. Males have two sperm production organs, and females have two vaginae connected by a long tube. Basically, these things are built to handle giant jizz. But it's still unclear why they'd evolve to create such big baby batter in the first place. It takes a lot of energy to make something ten times your body length, after all. But ostracods aren't the only animals that do it. Certain fruit fly species are also packing some hefty cock butter. This is also a well-known fact among animal pornography enthusiasts. More details here.