Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bang, Zoom, Etc.

Today (hopefully), NASA will launch its first baby step toward a new swath of moon missions by sending the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to map the lunar surface in stunning detail. Finally, we’ll be able to see the butt print Neil Armstrong mischievously left so long ago. Are those two craters between those prints, or… Aw, gross! In addition to a high-res camera capable of providing moon hoax believers with plenty of crystal clear images they can accuse of being fabricated, the LRO is also packing a laser altimeter that will allow incredibly detailed mapping of the moon’s topography. The goal is to find the best spot to build a lunar base in the years ahead, though those kinds of long-term plans are looking a little fuzzy in light of the global economic apocalypse and the fact that the Obama administration would rather spend money on creating new and unnecessary federal agencies than support NASA and the future of the human race. I guess some things just take priority. More details here.