Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boson to the Future

The Large Hadron Collider, that particle accelerating doomsday machine buried in the deepest bowels of Europe, has suffered its fair share of setbacks since its completion. Originally meant to whack the very fabrics of the universe into one another just to laugh in the empty eye sockets of Armageddon, the machine has been shut down for months due to pesky technical glitches. Annoying, but not too unusual for what amounts to the single most complex machine ever built. OR IS IT?? According to physicists Holger Bech Nielsen and Masao Ninomiya, the universe itself may be sending back luck back through time to prevent scientists from ever discovering the elusive Higgs boson, one of the main theoretical subatomic particles the LHC is designed to produce. I'm on the borderline of mentally handicapped, so I don't understand the physics involved, but something about this strikes me as a little too fanboyish. I'll buy Spock being sucked into the past by a Red Matter-induced black hole, but temporal luck? That's the kind of crap they'd pull in season one TNG. More details here. (Thanks to Brad for the link.)

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