Monday, October 12, 2009


Did you know there's a town of 25,000 women somewhere in the snowy wastes of northern Sweden? Did you also know that any men who attempt to set foot in the town are savagely beaten by buxom, amazonian police officers, that the primary occupation of these sequestered ladies is hardcore woodworking, and that when they aren't sneaking out to the surrounding villages to satiate their rabid man-lust, they turn to each other's succulent bodies for carnal pleasure? If you didn't know about this town, it's most likely because it doesn't really exist outside your masturbatory fantasies. But that hasn't stopped the Chinese news service Xinhua from reporting on the mythical town's tourism woes as fact. No one's really sure how the hoax got started, but I'm willing to bet there's just something in the Campbellian collective mythos that causes stories of Swedish lesbian villages to pop up in most world cultures. More details here.

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