Monday, September 29, 2008

First Private Rocket Reaches Orbit

SpaceX made history Sunday by successfully launching their rocket, Falcon 1, into orbit around the Earth--something which no privately funded organization has ever been able to do. Despite its name, Falcon 1 is actually the fourth attempt by the company to send a rocket into orbit. All of the previous rockets crashed or exploded, including one carrying Scotty's ashes. All told, the company was able to put the rocket into orbit much more cheaply than NASA, with just a few hundred employees. Now, I know it's typically our style to childishly make fun of the stories we cover, but this is just too cool to sully with cheap dick jokes. It proves that private space flight is not only possible, but is definately going to be a reality. It makes one wonder about future private space flights, hotels on the moon, and even trips to Mars. Plus, I heard zero-G makes your balls really big. Read about it here.

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