Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stonehenge Snake Oil

A new excavation at Stonehenge, England’s most majestic tourist trap, has uncovered evidence that the circle of giant stones could have been a pilgrimage destination for ancient sick people looking for a miracle cure. Several skeletons found around the site show signs of severe illnesses and disorders. One skull even appears to bear the markings of primitive surgery. Plus, chippings from the stones themselves suggest that pieces were taken home by sick pilgrims as talismans. There’s no telling right now how the myth of Stonehenge’s healing powers spread or how far-reaching the notion was. And before you go snickering at the stupidity of these ancient peoples while snifting your brandy or whatever aristocratic nose-turners like yourself enjoy doing on weekday evenings, let me remind you that even in our enlightened age thousands upon thousands routinely flock to Lourdes for the same ignorant reasons. Unlike John McCain’s economic policies, some things never change. More details here.

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