Friday, September 12, 2008

UFOs A-Coming?

Australian actress, writer, and part-time psychic channeler Blossom Goodchild (not her real name, I'm hoping) has stepped ahead of the massive crowd of self-proclaimed prophets making vague, broad predictions and claims that an extraterrestrial organization calling itself The Federation of Light will finally make itself undeniably known to the world by creating a massive, prolonged UFO event somewhere over Alabama on October 14th of this year. Please send your tailgating party invitations as soon as possible, because it's just rude to wait until the last minute. This news comes from reporter Stephane Wuttunee of UFOdigest.com. He seems pretty convinced that there's something to Goodchild's claims. For one thing, author, self-proclaimed psychic, and near death experience survivor Dannion Brinkley also says aliens will make themselves known sometime this year. That's a pretty impressive coincidence, considering Brinkley has never once made an accurate prediction and uses his extensive psychic powers to make money on the motivational speaker circuit. (Note to Dannion: You're still welcome to come on my podcast anytime you want. Why did you stop answering my e-mails?) Wuttunee goes on to question the naysayers who would say perhaps Goodchild has a financial motivation for making this prediction, though he seems to ignore the possibility that she's simply a self-deluded attention hound. Finally, he commends Goodchild for putting her credibility on the line by setting such an exact date, though it's not like a total lake of prophetic accuracy has hampered the careers of Pat Robertson, Ed Dames, or any of the other fraudulent or misguided individuals who have duped the public with their nonsense. Regardless, October 14th isn't that far away. Since my motto is always "better safe than sorry", I'm prepping my personal ion cannon just in case the whole "Federation of Light" thing is a smokescreen for a V-style invasion. Yes, I have a personal ion cannon. It's called the Second Amendment, suckers. More details here.

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