Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sheldrake Stabber Still Sequestered

Biologist-turned-parapsychologist Rupert Sheldrake was stabbed in the leg earlier this year by Kazuki Hirano, a Japanese day laborer who had been stalking Sheldrake after believing he was the victim of mind control experiments. For those who don’t know, Sheldrake is widely published in the field of psychic phenomena research, and he’s probably most famous for his insistence that his experiments demonstrate psychic ability in dogs. Sheldrake is a terrible scientist, to be sure, but he definitely didn’t deserve a stab in the leg from some psychopath. Hirano is being held in California while he undergoes psychological evaluation. While doctors so far have determined he’s not technically psychotic or schizophrenic, Hirano apparently believes that he was initiated into secret mind control experiments conducted by Sheldrake on London’s homeless population on behalf of the government. Where does London fit into this story? You’ll have to read all about it yourself right here.

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