Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Milky Proposition

PETA have struck again in their long campaign to dilute their message and make themselves look like ridiculous fools in the eyes of the public. They sent a letter to Ben and Jerry (of Ben & Jerry's) asking them to substitute cow's milk in their delicious ice cream products with human breast milk. The result, PETA says, would be an increase in public health and a decrease in veal production. PETA claims cow-based dairy products can contribute to all sorts of illnesses, including allergies and prostate cancer. They also toss obesity in there, but really that only applies to cheese hounds like me who've never smelled a Camembert they wouldn't squirt in their mouths. The veal claim comes from the idea that male calves of dairy cows are most often sold off to veal farmers, where they're turned into tender, juicy steaks. That's as may be, but wouldn't stopping dairy production just be treating the symptom here? And speaking of symptoms, what do you think the chances are that PETA have backed up their disease-causing dairy claims with anything approaching scientific evidence? PETA goes on to dilute any rational meaning from their position by claiming that human consumption of milk "meant for baby cows" is somehow unnatural. I guess that makes sense if you also forego traveling on roads made from materials which should naturally be in the ground. Incidentally, PETA's senior vice president, MaryBeth Sweetland, still injects animal-tested insulin containing animal byproducts to control her diabetes. So, there's that. More details here.

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