Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If it's not the black holes, it's the UFOs. I suppose because the Large Hadron Collider is such a monumental scientific achievement it has to draw a certain amount of attention. But the fact that it's located underground and it's conducting experiments related to the very nature of reality gives it a certain mysterious charm that's a magnet for pseudoscientists, nutcases, and the overly imaginative. Case in point: the recent rash of British and Dutch UFO sightings being attributed, for some reason, to the LHC. People have been reporting reddish orange lights dancing around in the skies above Swansea and Louth. The sightings seem pretty consistent, which means that the witnesses are either all seeing the same thing or being influenced by each other's reports. Although the LHC is in Switzerland, that hasn't stopped people from speculating about its involvement in the UFOs. Says one witness: "Could it be something to do with that experiment they are doing under ground in Geneva letting out pockets of energy or something?" Yes, it could be that or something. I'm betting on the something. More details here.

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