Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Day, Another Ghost Photo

I’m no troglodyte, but do we really need so many digital cameras floating around these days? I get the convenience of having a camera in your phone to snap pictures of freaky people walking on the side of the road, police throwing tear gas canisters at you, and your own genitalia. But with nearly everyone in the civilized world seemingly documenting the entirety of their meager lives for posterity, it’s no wonder that every passing hour gives us another gloppy, pixilated blob or shiny dust particle someone’s trying to pass off as a ghost. The latest comes from 32-year-old Scotsman John Wilson, who while taking family photographs near an abandoned mine in the woods (huh?) captured this picture of what he says can’t be anything other than the ghost of a dead miner. Yes, that giant arrow pointing to nothing is supposed to be pointing to the figure of a specter wearing a flat cap and an old coat. Unless this dead miner was also an Ent, I don’t see it. Still, Wilson’s wife has demanded he not show the photo to their children so as not to scare them. You know, maybe there’s something a little more compelling in the higher-res image, but I’m wondering if Wilson’s kids aren’t just prone to screaming at the first sight of trees and twigs. In which case, bringing them out into the woods was pretty irresponsible. More details here.

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