Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voodoo Bounce

George Ann Mills, a South Carolina voodoo high priestess (lake pharmacists, these people can get work anywhere), is alleging that Annette Kesting, an Atlanta, Georgia county commissioner, tried to pay her to cast curses on a political rival and bounced checks in the process.  Kesting was defeated in a Democratic primary runoff by Woody Thompson, and Mills claims Kesting wanted her to use her voodoo mojo to make sure Thompson got cancer or had a car accident.  Kesting says the whole story is ridiculous, but the charges should be easy enough to prove.  According to Mills, Kesting's two checks totalling $3,000 for the voodoo services bounced.  But Mills also says that she refused to cast the curses, since any self-respecting voodoo high priestess doesn't use her powers for evil.  Which makes one wonder why she tried to cash the bad checks.  If true, of course, Kesting's hot check writing is a crime.  Though, according to South Carolina's Law Enforcement Division, there's no law against soliciting a voodoo curse.  More details here.

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