Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Psychic Confession

Those of you who tuned in to our liveblog of the final presidential debate know Elyse as the one who nearly allowed her alcohol consumption to get the better of her loins. Ah, good times. But you should know her as a regular writer for the amazingly vagina-friendly skeptical blog called Skepchick. And to let you know just what you're missing by not reading Skepchick on an hourly basis, I'll point you to Elyse's moving and enlightening essay on her conversion from a psychic believer to a psychic skeptic. Or should that be "skeptic of psychics"? Anyway, it's really good, and it also guest stars my nemesis and finalist for the Slimiest Douche in the World Award, Chip Coffey. Read it here.

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