Friday, October 3, 2008

Quickie Christmas

The Churches Advertising Network is sponsoring a contest to tell the biblical Christmas story in thirty seconds or less in audio or video form. The winning entry will receive £500 and run as part of a radio campaign. CAN says that they’re sponsoring the competition because only 12% of adults know the details of the Christmas story, but I just don’t see how this could be true. With all the mangers and claymation holiday specials around Christmastime, it’s actually pretty hard to avoid knowing the details of the story. But for those of you still in the dark, here’s a brief summary. God implanted the womb of a young virgin girl named Mary with the fetus of His son, Jesus, who also is Him. Because she had no health insurance, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a dirty old manger. Jesus grew up, encouraged people to be nice, and was crucified on a tall fir tree, under which people left gifts for him. Afterward, he rose from the grave in a flying sleigh led by Rudolph (“the rock”), Jesus’ most favored red-nosed disciple who returned to Earth and became the first pope with help from his army of elves. £500, please. More details here.

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