Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Snow Falling on Craters

The Mars Phoenix Lander has detected what appears to be snow falling from the clouds above the Martian surface, indicating that there may be a large supply of water on the planet. This, of course, isn’t the kind of snow you can scoop up in your snot-stained mitten and chunk into the unsuspecting eye of your bratty little brother. This stuff is very light, very faint, and vaporized before it touched the ground. Scientists see this water confirmation as an encouraging sign on our quest to find Martian life. But personally, I’m just looking forward to the Richard Hoagland article about how this is evidence of massive Martian snow machines being turned on in preparation for the Martian Christmas, which is very similar to our own Christmas since the holiday was originally seeded on Earth by ancient astronauts. More details here.

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