Monday, October 13, 2008

Yeti = Goat

When yeti hunter Dipu Marak recently forked over some mysterious hairs he claimed came from the legendary Himalayan ape-man, the world held its breath in anticipation of a breakthrough zoological discovery.  Those of us who still have oxygen in our blood can finally inhale once more now that scientists have determined through DNA testing that the hairs actually belonged to a goral goat.  There’s still a small element of discovery here, though.  The hairs were found in an area far south of where the goral goat is known to roam, so it may have a wider range than we once thought.  Exciting!  While disappointed, Marak says his belief in the yeti hasn’t been shaken, since so many eyewitness reports couldn’t possibly be wrong.  He believed these hairs in particular belonged to a gray-brown haired Indian version of the classic abominable snowman called mande barung, or “forest man”.  And while it’s interesting that giant ape-man myths exist in so many parts of the world, there’s no reason to believe they’re based in fact.  Especially since centuries of investigation have only turned up one known ape-man: the legendary creature known as Robin Williams.  More details here.

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